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I am of the old-fashioned opinion that word-of-mouth is the best way to advertise - both for new shops and classic businesses.  This is why our shop takes our customers into account instead of the large search engines.  We have tried to do the following:
- to facilitate the finding of our products with clear navigation, we pass on large, colourful logos and unnecessary client traps. Our product stands front and center.  You can see what we offer when you visit our site, so we don’t need to add “papercraft” and “wall trophy” 20x at the foot of the page. That’s just annoying - for you as much as for our web designer, and when he is annoyed he gets mad, which is something we definitely want to avoid! ;-)
- to be fully accessible.  We are not only reachable by email – we also offer a toll-free 0-800 number.  Whether you call us with questions or suggestions, or need help to decide what to purchase – we are happy to help!  Should you not be able to reach us, we will get back to you ASAP.

Do you enjoy shopping in a place where you are only welcomed as a registered member?  Neither do we, so obviously you can purchase any one of our Papertrophy products without having to register.  We also don’t surprise you at the checkout with additional payment fees, whether via PayPal, instant transfer, credit card, or cash - heck not even for an invoice - you don’t pay extra fees.





When shopping online you should not have to simply take the company’s word for it.  After all, how do you know you’re being told the truth?  That is why we let Symantec - the world’s top company for internet safety, speak for us.
This is how you benefit:
The comprehensive company authentication proves our identity and domain ownership.
Control over our trade documents is in close collaboration with the trade office.
The 256 Bit encryption protects your and our online transactions.
The website’s daily malware scan shows how important your security is to us.
Click on the Norton Secured label to double-check this information and see all of our data that is neutrally controlled by Symantec.