Welcome to the awesome 20-in-1 No-Waste Papertrophy® Box


The fact that you have opened this webpage means that you are interested in recycling your parcel. High Five! We like that! 🙂


You didn’t really think that you would get just another lame shipping box, did you? Well now you know.

First of all, here are the general rules:

  1. Solid lines are cut lines.
  2. Dash lines (—–) and dash-dot lines (-.-.-.-) are folding lines (dash lines will be folded towards you, and dash-dot lines away from you).
  3. Gluing areas are indicated with a /// pattern.
  4. Before you fold the cardboard box, please take a credit card (or a similar narrow object) and push it into the cardboard along the folding lines. That way you will get nice and clean folds in the cardboard.
  5. If you work with a scalpel or similar, please make sure you put something underneath the cardboard, to prevent cuts in your table.

Now that you know how to do it, here is a list of all the goodies our box can transform into: OK, 3…2…1 – let’s go!

1. Webcam cover

Nobody wants to be spied on, right? So simply use your new webcam cover and surf like nobody’s watching. 🙂

2 & 3. Bookmarks

You know at some point in your life you realise that you really should leave the TV turned off and read a good old-fashioned book again! Believe us, they are awesome – unlimited battery time, you can scroll back and forth (also known as „turning the page“) and it is instantly on once you open the book. How awesome is that? So if you give it a try and you want to remember where you left off last night, just use one of the two bookmarks. 🙂



4. Mobile stand

We know you love your mobile phone, so why not put it upright and worship it, right? Or even better – put it on your desk, leave it there, and go play outside like you used to back in the old days. Give it a try!

5. Glue stand

No fun here. It’s all about professional Papertrophy® gluing!

6. Chess

Ahh, the game of kings (and queens). If you seriously don’t know how to play it… please call your parents.


7. Picture Frame

Glue the two parts together along the indicated areas, and you will get a beautiful picture frame for your desk. Slide in a picture of your loved ones or just print out a photo of a random Instagram celebrity and pretend you are famous. Who are we to judge?

8. Totally Honest Gift Tag

Don’t waste the cut-out of your picture frame. It makes a great gift tag. Be honest, you really want that gift for yourself, don’t you?

9. Trivet

We know you’re all grown up and are totally able to put that mug down carefully. Obviously it’s always your cat or dog that runs into your table and spills the coffee all over the place…

10. Ruler

The one tool to rule them all. If you don’t have a banana for scale, use this helpful little gadget to know the exact size of something, like we did before the internet.

11. Air Guitar Plectrum

If you have ever played serious air guitar like we do, you know that you can only achieve true greatness with a proper plectrum. Here it is. You’re welcome.

12 & 13. Calendar & Pen Box

This is a big one. The good news: You can clean up your messy desk and never forget a date! The bad news: No more excuses for not calling your mom (again).

14. Bucket List

Life is short. Make sure to enjoy every single day of it!

15. Luggage Tags

There are only two ways to find your luggage fast on those endless baggage carousels at the airport. Either you have a bright pink bag with funny cats printed on it, or you use one of these awesome luggage tags. Which one do you choose?

16 & 17. Postcards

They are just like emails… only slower… and more fun! You know… the stuff your parents told you about from back in the day. Seriously, you should try using them. You’ll be surprised at the reaction you get, and no spam folder will ever get in between your message and your loved one ever again!

18. Doorhanger

There are times when you really don’t want any distractions and others when you are sitting there waiting for something to happen. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Simply use this doorhanger and all your wishes will come true. 🙂

19. Soccer

Bored at work? Do you have an unsolvable dispute with your colleague, but you think classic duels are too bloody? No worries, we are here to help (again). Simply set up your personal soccer field and beat your boss, friend, and boredom!

20. Confetti

Take the small pieces that are left over from the box and cut them into even smaller ones. Paint them, put them in your jacket pocket, and the next time someone asks, „How are you?“ reach into your pocket, throw them in the air, and yell „I’M FABULOUS!!!“. 🙂